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Nuci Nebieridze Sextet - City Sounds

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Nuci Nebieridze - God In Your Eyes

“The song about dreams, idealized concept of love what connects us to the other world, where the birds are singing on the impressionistic painting of yellow fields, on the sunrise..
The territory of love, where we meet our muses and get lost between dream and real.”

God In Your Eyes

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Nuci Nebieridze

She has composed her musical arrangements as a painting, each song using structures and lines, textures and power, the result is moving. Her solo’s throughout the album take us on a journey as if we were in the middle of an impressionist painting.

When she takes the stage her presence fills the room with elegance. Her songs evoke beautifully sentiments of the human experience, hesitation, power and shades of emotions.


Carine Gibert

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New York • The New School • Album Release Show