God In Your Eyes

(by Nuci Nebieridze)


There up in the trees

Birds are singing dancing

I’m wondering about the dream there I’ve got

Beauty is the thing

The world is screaming out there

The Fairy tale

A Sun is coming up and I feel there u are,

There u are, in a dream

The yellow fields are shining bright

Burning in a soul, calling me up

Don’t sit in the shade Oh come shine on my island

A magic thing there you are, come show up here

Oh what a dream you are,

There u are, in a dream


Your little flame is shining here

Love land of a heart, it’s living there

A boarder I can’t feel between a dream and real

Your place in my mind makes me feel real

In my movie you are real

What a dream that makes me

Feel up shining, thoughts are burning, do you exist?

Do you, do you

A place for you I’ve found here,

Oh I see the light above this,

You’re my best creation dear

What a mystery

I feel,

I see something

In your eyes

This exists, it bursts inside and shines

Come let’s blossom in my heart

Magic one up high

On my planet we play

In “Somewhereland” we meet

There you are, there you are, in a dream

Oh, I, I see, Oh I see something

Oh what a dream you are

Magic field you are

There you are,

A dream..

Welcome Pain

(by Nuci Nebieridze)


Sky thundered dark in the rain

World down and sad in vain,

Wounds danced all night on my way

And the Night stormed and blurred out the day.

Moon shed his sorrow in dark again

Nightfall took my Sun away

Light and darkness played a war again

And Raw my heart went up flying.

Now, I’ve learned to say welcome pain,

Try whispered dream light my day

Time reigned over the pain,

Love bloomed there wild on my way.

Peace knocked my door suddenly and then

Caressed my mind embraced,

Dare, whispered dream took me high again

Now I see the light and love you there.

Boy I See You

(by Nuci Nebieridze)


Story’s going on and on and I
See you,
Suddenly a heart is going flying high,
Boy I see you

The way how I see you
When I feel you, what it is?

He was walking down a street aside
Sun was into,
Somehow he was more than enough for a heart
And for my dream too

Dream to make you come true
All I want that’s what it is.

City Sounds

(by Nuci Nebieridze)


Here we are
Beyond the force
Of will,
Standing for peace,
But place doesn’t exist
Into the mist

I Hear the sounds
That wind blows out
Time freezes
Trouble is here
And then, we disappear
What do we give?

Wake up,
Until dreams blow away
Until flood washes the way
Until it thunders again
Let’s grow the flowers on the way

Flood of love give away
Let the light lead new day
And storms will all fade away
And love will stay, peace will reign.

Lost In Feelings

(by Nuci Nebieridze)


Here, The mysterious thoughts in our minds
Running are attacking our hearts
And there,
Train is leaving the road we embark
Though we’re staring and are lost throughout.

Then we break down
Journey plays a part

Dreams blown away
Hesitation’s spread all around
Burns me out
The conflicts still explode in internal sound
We’re running we’re trapped and lost in our minds.

Though insights will never depart
Heart and brain will reconcile
But mysteries will still remain

Never leave us the way lonely hearts,
Living on “otherland” of thoughts up above,
All we need is to get lost for a while
And there,
The Sun is coming up and here we start.