Nuci Nebieridze

My Story

Nuci Nebieridze is an artist/singer/composer from The Republic of Georgia. She has recently released her new album “Dreamension” and has spent the past two years playing shows throughout New York City with her sextet. Nuci Nebieridze’s sextet project plays her original compositions and arrangements.

Her album “Dreamension” brings to life the colorful songs she has meticulously put together over the course of the past two years. Her sound is orchestral. Full of soul and warmth she orchestrates each song with a clear sense of structure, as if she has a painting in her mind and the music is what brings it to life. When she takes the stage, her presence fills the room with elegance. Her songs evoke beautifully sentiments of the human experience. The arrangements are jazz mixed with an orchestral movement bringing momentum and strength to each piece. She shares aspects of her culture and life, with particular songs referencing her history and the relationship with her country.

She grew up in a family of artist, was influenced by her parents fine art and colors. Surrounded in the smell of oil paint ad canvases on the walls.

Her new album takes us on a journey as if we were in the middle of an impressionist painting introducing a variety of versatile phrases. She has been inspired by Georgian fold music and appeared internationally, performing in England, Scotland, Germany and the United States. She has been featured at the National Georgian Music Festival “Art Gene”, “Black Sea Jazz Festival”, “Tbilisi Open Air”, “Tbilisi Conservatoire Hall” and “Tbilisi Event Hall”. Prior to moving to New York she was permanently making records at The Tbilisi State Conservatoire Music Technology Studio.

Nuci Nebieridze’s voice is a forceful yet delicate crescendo.

Interview by Carine Gibert